08/26/18 Our work in conductivity in MOFs has been featured in a report from the Lawrence Berkeley National Labs.
03/26/18 CNRS a présenté notre travail concernant une molécule-aimant plus résistant et manipulable à l’air.
11/30/17 The DOE Office of Science recently published a highlight about our research in cooperative CO capture materials.
11/28/17 Our work in MOF-polymer composite membranes has been featured in the latest edition of the Frontiers in Energy Research newsletter.
09/20/17 The Advanced Photon Source featured our recent work in carbon monoxide capture as an APS science highlight.
09/11/17 Our work in cooperative adsorption of carbon monoxide was covered in an article by Berkeley News.
03/31/17 What can MOFs be used for? Jeff explains in a RSC feature article.
02/27/17 Jeff has been awarded a Bakar Fellowship to develop our materials for CO2 capture.
09/27/16 Mosaic Materials, a start-up utilizing our gas separation technology to reduce the environmental impact of fossil fuels, has been selected by Evok Innovations in its first round of investments in breakthrough clean technologies.
09/26/16 The EFRC has published a booklet outlining the history and mission of the program as well as some of the highlights since 2009, including our work in the Center for Gas Separations.
08/26/16 Our recent work in MOF-based drug delivery has been featured in Science as an Editor's Choice.
06/06/16 Jeff has been recognised in the DOE's 2016 Annual Merit Review Awards for our work in hydrogen storage. Congrats team hydrogen!
05/09/16 In an article by the Berkeley Science Review, Jeff talks about the role of our work in CO2 capture and gas separations in combating climate change.
03/31/16 TOC of the Town: Chemistry of Materials featured the TOC image of our recent work on Hydrogen Storage which "represented the complex material clearly, precisely, and in a graphically enticing manner".
03/03/16 One of our undergraduate researchers, Jonathan "Jo" Melville, is leading the fight to prevent UC Berkeley's College of Chemistry from being disbanded and rolled into the College of Letters and Science. You can read more on the issue here, and participate by signing Jo's petition.
01/21/16 Congratulations to graduate student Miguel Gonzalez for taking home the grand prize in the 2015 College of Chemistry Photo Contest with his piece Every Hood has a Story, and to fellow graduate students Phil Bunting and Jordan Axelson for Honourable Mentions! Some of Miguel's other work is currently on display in our lab tour.
01/02/16 Some of our recent work on natural gas storage was featured by The Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers. We would like to wish you all smooth sailing for the year ahead!
12/10/15 A report on our recent work in natural gas storage was published by Downstream Business.
11/20/15 The Wall Street Journal reported some of our recent work in natural gas storage.
11/12/15 Our work in CO2 capture was featured in an ACS Central Science report entitled "Better Carbon Capture through Chemistry".
10/27/15 Our recent work in methane storage was also covered by the AAAS' EurekAlert: "On the Road to ANG Vehicles".
10/26/15 Berkeley News highlights our record high CH4 capacities using flexible metal-organic frameworks: "Chemists Find Better Way to Pack Natural Gas into Fuel Tanks".
8/10/15 Basic Energy Sciences at the Department of Energy recently highlighted our discovered CO2 capture mechanism, in the article "Cooperative Carbon Capture by a Novel Material that Mimics a Plant Enzyme".
6/7/15 In a special edition of Industria Quimica, our work on CO2 capture was featured as an example of innovative chemistry which can be used to help fight climate change.
4/13/15 In a recent Features article from Nature, Jeff is quoted offering our perspective on future applications of metal-organic frameworks in gas storage and separations.
3/17/15 Lawrence Berkeley Lab reports on our work, "A means by which the removal of carbon dioxide (CO2) from coal-fired power plants might one day be done far more efficiently and at far lower costs than today has been discovered".
3/11/15 Nature published a prospective on our recent CO2 capture work, stating "McDonald et al. have made a major conceptual advance by identifying a series of compounds that they call 'phase change' adsorbents".
1/27/15 In their annual report, NIST features our work published Nature Chemistry as an accomplishment in neutron research.
7/11/14 C&EN highlights increasing patent activity in the area of metal-organic frameworks, noting our patents on MOFs for battery separators and CO2 capture.
6/3/14 Scientific American featured our work in an article titled "A New Chemical Recipe Raises Prospect of Inexpensive Fuel".
5/21/14 Our recent Nature Chemistry paper on ethane oxidation to ethanol by N2O in a metal-organic framework with coordinatively unsaturated iron(II) sites was highlighted by NIST.
11/22/13 Our recent work on MOFs was highlighted on Berkeley Lab News Center.
5/24/13 Our recent paper, "Magnetic Blocking in a Linear Iron(I) Complex" is highlighted in Nature Chemistry.
5/23/13 Our recent Science paper, "Separation of Hexane Isomers in a Metal-Organic Framework with Triangular Channels" is highlighted on the NIST website and Technology Review.
12/12/12 Zoey's article on MOFs is featured on Today At Berkeley Lab.
11/26/12 Our work on hydrocarbon separations was highlighted at the Basic Energy Science website.
6/6/12 Our work on hydrocarbon separations was highlighted in C&EN News.
3/30/12 Our recent Science paper, "Hydrocarbon Separations in a Metal-Organic Framework with Open Iron(II) Coordination Sites" is highlighted on the UC Berkeley News Center.
2/10/12 Our recent Science paper, "A Molecular MoS2 Edge Site Mimic for Catalytic Hydrogen Generation," is highlighted on LBNL News Center.
2/9/12 Hema and Elizabeth's paper, "A Molecular MoS2 Edge Site Mimic for Catalytic Hydrogen Generation," appeared today in Science.
1/26/12 The Department of Energy awarded our group a three-year grant to develop next-generation hydrogen storage metal-organic frameworks.
12/12/11 Our work on the first-ever actinide nitrosyl complex was highlighted in C&EN News.
6/11/10 Jeff gave a presentation on the overall need for new materials for energy storage and conversion applications.