Group Meeting Schedule

Date Time Presenter Title Location
August 23 8:00 PM Lucy Darago Molecule-Inspired Metal-Organic Magnets 775B Tan Hall
September 8 2:00 PM Miguel Gonzalez Design of Metal-Organic Frameworks for Catalysis and Structural Characterization of Framework-Guest Interactions in Metal-Organic Frameworks by Single-Crystal X-ray Diffraction 775B Tan Hall
September 13 8:00 PM Mike Ziebel Conductive Coordination Solids of Dihydroxybenzoquinone 775B Tan Hall
September 20 8:00 PM Rebecca Siegelman Diamine-Appended Metal-Organic Frameworks for CO2 Separations 775B Tan Hall
September 27 8:00 PM Colin Gould Studies on Exchange Coupling in Radical-Bridged, Multinuclear Lanthanide Single-Molecule Magnets 775B Tan Hall
October 11 8:00 PM Jon Bachman New Routes To Olefins: Membranes, Adsorbents & Catalysts 775B Tan Hall
October 18 8:00 PM Matt Kapelewski Toward Industrial Application of Metal-Organic Frameworks: Hydrogen Storage, Hydrocarbon Separations, and Beyond 775B Tan Hall
October 25 8:00 PM Mike Aubrey Charge Transport in Porous Materials 775B Tan Hall
November 1 2:00 PM Ari Turkiewicz TBD 425 Latimer
November 21 2:00 PM Phill Millner TBD 775B Tan Hall
November 22 8:00 PM Phil Bunting TBD 775B Tan Hall
December 5 4:00 PM Günther Thiele TBD 433 Latimer
January 17 8:00 PM Rebecca Khoo TBD 775B Tan Hall
January 24 8:00 PM Mercedes Taylor TBD 775B Tan Hall
January 31 8:00 PM Dan Lussier TBD 775B Tan Hall
February 13 2:00 PM Julia Oktawiec TBD 775B Tan Hall
February 21 8:00 PM Jesse Park TBD 775B Tan Hall
March 2 5:00 PM Rodolfo Torres-Gavosto TBD 425 Latimer
March 20 5:00 pm Doug Reed TBD 433 Latimer
March 21 8:00 PM Kristen Colwell TBD 775B Tan Hall
March 23 5:00 PM Khetpakorn "Job" Chakarawet TBD 425 Latimer
March 31 5:00 PM Henry Jiang TBD 433 Latimer Hall
April 11 8:00 PM Jeff Martell TBD 775B Tan Hall
April 27 4:30 PM David Zee TBD 433 Latimer Hall
May 9 8:00 PM C. Michael McGuirk TBD 775B Tan Hall
May 16 8:00 PM Yang Yang TBD 775B Tan Hall
May 31 3:30 PM Alexander Forse TBD 775B Tan Hall
June 16 3:00 PM Colin Gould, Mike Ziebel TBD 433 Latimer
June 27 8:00 PM Ari Turkiewicz, Khetpakorn "Job" Chakarawet TBD 775B Tan Hall
July 18 8:00 PM David Jaramillo, Ryan Murphy, Naomi Biggins TBD 775B Tan Hall
August 1 8:00 PM Jesse Park, Rebecca Khoo TBD 775B Tan Hall August 11 3:30 PM Daniel Lussier, Eugene Kim TBD 775B Tan Hall
August 15 8:00 PM Kaipeng Hou, Ever Velasquez, Henry Jiang TBD 775B Tan Hall