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Functional Metal–
Organic Frameworks
Quantum Magnetism in
Molecular Materials
Porous Polymers and
Composite Membranes

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The Long group is committed to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion among its members and to promoting a culture that recognizes and champions our differences—in race, ethnicity, origin, sex, gender, spirituality, and many others—as well as our shared passion for science. We are committed to fostering an open environment where all voices and ideas are welcome, and where collaboration is encouraged. We endeavor to elevate the recruitment, retention, and success of underrepresented groups in degree attainment and postdoctoral training, and we encourage and support researchers in pursuit of leadership positions in scientific careers in industry and academia. In addition to fostering equal representation of the best and brightest minds in the sciences, we recognize the imperative of diversity, equity, and inclusion toward the realization of more rapid and equitable solutions for emerging societal needs.
Date Group News
9/14/2022 Welcome to two new visiting scholars, Yukina Suzuki from Japan and Professor Jong Suk Lee from Korea!
8/22/2022 Welcome to Alain Kesseru, our new Program Coordinator!
8/14/2022 We congratulate Adam, Ever, and Kaipeng for finishing their PhDs!
8/10/2022 The Longballs are crowned Co-Champions in the 2022 Chem/ChemE Summer Softball League!
7/2/2022 The Long Group celebrates its 25th anniversary!